Dear Wanchain community,

First of all, thank you for your continued support. The Wanchain team has always been committed to the research and development and innovation of cross-chain technology, and has been actively embracing the growth of our cross-chain ecosystem. After months, the brand-new Wanchain official website has been released, providing important news and advanced crosschain technologies for the community. A new website, A new start! We believe that Wanchain will have more fruitful achievements in the year of 2022.

For the new website, we greatly improved the visual style and well categorized the achievments and technoloy features, so that users with different demands can find their own relevant information from the website. Now, let me take you to tour around this new website.


1. Clarify the positioning of Wanchain

When you open the website, the first words that catch your eye is Decentralised Blockchain Interoperability. Wanchain has been committed to the development of cross-chain infrastructure since its inception. Through years of pioneering, the position for Wanchain crosschain gets more and more clear. What the team needs to do is to build decentralized cross-chain bridges that connect chains worldwide, so as to provide foundamental crosschain services for the cross-chain transfer of assets in all blockchains.

You can directly experience Wanchain’s safe, fast, low-cost, and responsible bridges via Connect.

2. The Homepage focuses on crosschain

The new homepage clearly shows the Wanchain crosschain positioning, technical features, bridge types, connected chains & assets, as well as the crosschain ecosystem & community. You will have a clear picture of Wanchain’s interoperability after reading through the homepage.

3. Diversified entrances to Wanchain

At the bottom of each page, we provide a series of entrances for developers and users, as well as Wanchain community channels and key documents.

On the Community page, we also provide a series of entrances for users to exchange technologies and ideas with each other and directly contact the team.

4. The Technology page focuses on Multi-chain Bridges, Galaxy Consensus, and our Roadmap

Over the years, Wanchain has achieved many remarkable technical achievements. The most important technical achievements are multichain bridges and PoS consensus.

Relying on the “Universal Multichain Bridges with Staked Sharing Assets”, Wanchain has integrated with 13 public chains, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP ledger, etc. Meanwhile, the crosschain bridges for Wanchain have been evolved from one-way bridge to two-way bridge, and the bridge types have extended from direct bridges to layer 2 bridges and NFT bridges. Therefore, Wanchain’s cross-chain mechanism has been iteratively evolving, keeping pace with the times.

5. Encouraging third parties to build Dapps

At present, the ecosystem dapps on Wanchain cover various fields such as DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs. We are quite open and inclusive to encourage third-party developers to develop applications on Wanchain or using Wanchain’s cross-chain technology. At the same time, for the approved projects by the team, we will display your Dapp on the Ecosystem page.

6. The website will continue to improve

According to the progress of the Wanchain project and the feedback from the community, we will continue to modify and improve the new website and the contents of its external links. We hope that the new website will offer colorful cross-chain journeys for each and every user with different demands.

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