WanWallet Mobile

The all new mobile WanWallet update for Wanchain 5.0 features a new and improved UI/UX, cross-chain Storeman node delegation and staking features, and an improved cross-chain transaction experience.

Note: Development on both the Google Play Android version and the Apple App Store iOS version is complete, however the Apple version is still under revision according to Apple store policies, so is not yet available for download. Stay tuned for updates on the iOS version.

Key Features

  • Asset management — Currently supporting WAN, BTC, ETH, ERC20, WRC20 and EOS, with more soon to come

  • POS Staking & Delegation: Participating in Wanchain proof of stake with the mobile WanWallet is as easy as clicking a button

  • Storeman Staking & Delegation: It’s just as easy to delegate to a cross-chain Storeman node as for POS

  • App Store: The WanWallet app store is your portal to all the application of the Wanchain ecosystem

How to Use Mobile WanWallet

Download and install

Wallet download links can be found on the Wanchain official website, the Apple app store, or the Google Play store.

Create and/or import wallet

Simply open the wallet and follow the on screen prompts to create or import your wallet.

Note: Be certain to write down your mnemonic phrase and store it in a safe place, and to not store it digitally on any network connected device.

New address

To add a new address, click the “+” icon on the right side of the default address, and set the account name to create a new address.


Simply enter transaction details and click next. You can select from our own accounts in the “From” field, and may enter any account in the “To” field. The “To” field also supports QR code scanning. As for transaction fees, these should generally not be modified except for advanced users.

PoS Delegation


  • You can view all current delegation information such as current and historical rewards and delegation actions for your accounts through the wallet interface

  • There is a 100 WAN minimum for delegations

How to delegate — from the main screen:

Staking →POS →Validators →Select a Validator →Delegate →Fill in delegation amount →Send

Points to watch out for:

Quota Left: Check on the individual validator’s information screen that their “Quota Left” is more than the amount you wish to delegate. If it is lower than your delegation amount, you will need to choose another validator to delegate to in addition.

Delegation Fee: The delegation fee is the percent of your delegation reward which is collected by the validator you stake to, a higher fee means lower rewards for you.

After completing a delegation, you may modify your delegation or withdraw it from within the wallet interface.

Storeman Delegation


  • Unlike POS nodes, Storeman nodes have an election period during which you can delegate to a node, but delegators will not receive rewards at that time — check the Storeman node’s current status to see if you can currently earn rewards or not. If the node you delegate to is not chosen, then you may immediately remove your delegation and move it to a new node.

  • Each Storeman group is limited to 21 nodes. Not every node is guaranteed a placement in the next group. Take note of when the “End Time” is in the Storeman node details page, and check at that time if your node successfully is enterned into the next group, or if the node fails and you must delegate to another Storeman node.

  • You may delegate in at any time, but you may only remove your stake and earnings at the end of a Storeman group cycle. Check “End Time” in the Storeman details page, and make certain to withdraw before that time if you wish to withdraw that cycle’s deposit and rewards.

How to delegate:

From the main screen:

Staking →OpenStoreman→Storeman→Select a Validator →Delegate In →Fill in delegation amount →Send

For technical support, please email techsupport@wanchain.org or contact one of the admins at the official tech support Telegram chat group: https://t.me/WanchainSupport.

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