Wanchain Explorer

0. Introduction

Go to wanscan.org to see Wanchain Blockchain Explorer. You can query all the data on the blockchain, including the balance of any address, transaction records; check node status, various tokens issued, and cross-chain data, etc.

The homepage displays data such as the block height, the total staked assets of PoS and Storemen, the average APY, and the top ten nodes, the latest blocks, the latest transactions and other information.

At the same time, in the text box at the upper right corner of the page, you can enter block height, Txhash, wallet address, token address and other information for direct query. The blockchain browser is very convenient and will automatically recognize and output the corresponding results.

1. View account

If you are inquiring about the account balance, historical transaction data of the account, etc., it is recommended to directly enter the wallet address to query; In addition, you can also see the balance and transaction data of various tokens, cross-chain data, node rewards, delegated rewards and other information.

2. View a single transaction

If you are querying the detailed information of a certain transaction, the most convenient way is to enter the transaction hash.

You can clearly see the status of the transaction, block height, timestamp, sender and receiver addresses, gas data, transaction amount and other information.

3. Query block

On this page, you can see all the information about the block, including the block height, block hash, block time (time stamp), block details, and the corresponding byte size of the block.

4. View PoS nodes

On the right side of the top 10 nodes on the homepage, you can view all nodes (View All). There are two types of nodes: delegated validator and non-delegated validator, which are distinguished by whether they can accept delegations.

When a user wants to participate in the Galaxy Consensus PoS to get more WAN, he usually finds a validator with a low delegation ratio and a large amount WAN staked. For the delegation fee ratio, you can refer to the current fee rateand the maximum fee rate of the node.

You can click on the name of the node to enter and view the detailed information of the node, such as Address, Start Time, Lock Period, Total Reward and Validator Reward, Delegations and the Delegator List and other information.

You can also find the status of each node on https://wanstats.io/

5. View Storeman node

In the list of Storeman Group, you can see the name of each node group (Identity), cross-chain pair (Cross Chain), number of deposit assets (Deposit), current status (Status), delegate fee (Delegate Fee) , and start (Start Time) and end time (End Time).

Click on the name of a node group to view the details of the Storeman group. In addition to the information mentioned above, there are also Selecting Time, Negotiating Time, Working Time, Address, Power Weight, Rank, Auto Renew, Activity, etc.

6. View token information

Click "TOKENS" on the top navigation bar to see a list of all tokens issued on Wanchain.

Click on the token name to view the detailed information of the token, such as the total issuance, the number of transactions and the detailed list, the address of the holder, etc.

7. View the transaction list

Click "TRANSACTIONS" on the top navigation bar, you can see all transaction records.

And click "CROSS-CHAIN" to see all cross-chain transactions.

8. View Wanchain's GitHub information

Click "GITHUB" on the top navigation bar, you can see Wanchain's GitHub information. Or directly enter https://github.com/wanchain in the browser to view.

Thank you for using wanscan.org. If you have any questions, you can send an email to techsupport@wanchain.org, or send feedback directly to our WeChat group or Telegram group.

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