How to Get Testnet WAN

1. Download the Wan Wallet and create an address to receive WAN testnet tokens

Download Wallet

After the Wan Wallet installation, refer to the “Wallet” -> “WAN” page, click “Create” button to create a new address. This address can be used to receive beta testnet tokens.

Note: In addition to the wallet interface, you can also use the command line to generate an address for receiving testnet tokens. For details, see common operations guide in the Node Setup section.

2. Fill out the Beta test application form and submit the WAN test tokens to the (NOT mainnet) address to receive WAN testnet tokens

Application form

Upon receipt of the application, we will randomly send a large amount of WAN testnet tokens ranging from 50,000 WAN to 150,000 WAN to the applicant’s WAN address.

For users who only want to perform delegations, they can apply directly through our faucet website. Like the application for Ethereum testnet tokens, the tester needs to publish a tweet with the testnet WAN address, then paste the tweet address into the faucet page in order to apply for 200 WAN testnet tokens per day or more.

Note: For users who have participated in the Alpha test, since the Alpha version and the Beta version are running on two separate networks, you must re-apply for the testnet tokens and recreate the node.

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