Mainnet Node Setup (Manually)

This tutorial shows you how to manually start a validator node using GWAN. This method does not require sudo privileges and does not require the use of docker.

This method is suitable for developers with the technical ability to flexibly customize and modify instructions according to their specific environment.

Download gwan node

First get the latest gwan node, select the version for your operating system and download it at:

Here is the Linux version for your reference:


tar -zxvf gwan-linux-amd64-2.1.2-e7e0f23d.tar.gz

cd gwan-linux-amd64-2.1.2-e7e0f23d

Check version information:

./gwan version

Account Setup

Use the following script to setup a new account:

./gwan account new 

Enter password twice and get the generated account addresses

Use the following command to get the account public key:

(assuming the address just created is AAA and the password is BBB)

./gwan account pubkeys AAA BBB

The obtained key1 and key3 are the two public keys that we need to create the validator node later.

NOTE:key1 and key3, not key2

Starting GWAN Node

(assuming AAA is the address we just created)

./gwan --etherbase AAA --unlock AAA --mine 

After entering the password as prompted, the node starts

Note: At this time, the node is running in the foreground, and will be stopped after closing the terminal or Ctrl-C.

If you need to run the node in the background, try running with pm2, nohup, screen or other background startup mode.

Register Validator Node

You can register through the official WanWallet. See instructions here.

Switching Node to a New Server


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