Getting Started With AWS

Create an AWS Account

AWS (Amazon Cloud) account creation Prerequisites:

  • Credit card

  • Landline or mobile phone

  • Navigate to the AWS official website and click the “Sign Up” button.

  • Fill in all registration information including your personal information and credit card details.

  • Next, the system will call to confirm your phone number. Enter the 4-digit number (ending with #) displayed on the computer screen.

  • If the account was successfully created, your card will be charged for $1 as part of the verification process (this will be refunded later).

Create a Suitable EC2 Virtual Machine

EC2 virtual machine set up

1. Create an AWS EC2 instance

Log in to the EC2 console:

Select the location of the machine in the upper right corner:

Find “Instances” in the menu on the left side of the page

Then click on the “Launch Instance” button:

Choose an Amazon system image: Ubuntu 22.04 is recommended

Select the instance type. We recommend the m4.large configuration.

Click the “Next: Configure Instance Details” button and input the following default configuration:

Click the “Next: Add Storage” button

The recommended setting is 80GB

Click the “Next: Add Tags” button to add tags for easy recall:

Click the “Next: Configure Security Group” button

Add firewall rule and then click the “Review and Launch” button to verify the instance:

Click the “Launch” button to launch the instance

Create a key, download the key pair and keep it in a safe place. You will use this key when logging in with SSH.

That completes the EC2 instance creation.

SSH login to AWS EC2

To use the SSH login method under Linux, set the key file permissions with the following command (make sure to replace your_keyfile.pem with whatever you named your key file):

chmod 400 your_keyfile.pem  

SSH login command (make sure to replace your_EC2_ip_address with your EC2 instance's IPv4 Public IP address:

ssh -i your_keyfile.pem ubuntu@your_EC2_ip_address

Windows users should use PuTTY to SSH in, see Amazon's instructions.

Now you are finished. If you would like set up a validator node, please follow the instructions here.

How to Delete an EC2 instance

First terminate the instance:

Confirm termination:

After termination, check that the volume has been deleted to avoid any costs. In addition, the instance will remain in the list for a while after termination, and will generally disappear within half an hour.

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