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What is OpenZoo? is the main NFT Marketplace of the ZOO Ecosystem built on the Wanchain network.

In OpenZoo, creators and game studios from all artistic genres can freely design and advertise their works.

It consists of two main sections: a Decentralized NFT Explorer and an NFT Creation Platform. Featuring many functionalities, OpenZoo is an innovative NFT Market which is easy to connect to and operate, thus offering user-friendly navigation in a seamless environment.

Getting Started

Users are free to use the explorer and browse NFT listings, but in order to begin the creation process a wallet must be connected.

OpenZoo only supports Metamask wallet.

Before you start, make sure you have downloaded Metamask and connected it to the Wanchain network. For more info on how to proceed, check the following guide: Connect Metamask to Wanchain Network

Once you are connected, you can start creating on OpenZoo.

NFT Standards

OpenZoo offers two (2) different types of NFT creation paths: WRC-721 and WRC-1155. There are some important differences to be taken into consideration before choosing one or the other.


WRC-721 is representing the Single Token Minting Standard, which means each NFT created is unique. These characteristics make them rare and collectables.

The recent NFT hype is often credited to the emergence of WRC-721, which basically introduced a standard for building NFTs on the blockchain. It also provides some of the functionalities to NFTs and helps to make NFT transactions possible from one account to another.

The minting, selling, and trading of WRC-721 NFTs have to meet strict criteria determined by a smart contract.

Due to these attributes it is still currently the most popular token standard for NFTs.


WRC-1155 is representing the Multiple Token Minting Standard, which sets the stage for multi-token management and transactions. With WRC-1155, single deployed contracts can include varied combinations of non-fungible tokens.

This can largely reduce the amount of data required to distinguish one token from another and ultimately result in reducing the network congestion and largely reduce the gas fees. While WRC-721 allows tokenized assets to be transferred from wallet to wallet, this process is slow and has to be done one at a time. WRC-1155 seeks to address this issue, allowing collections of NFTs to fall under a single, smart contract.

It’s been described as “the next generation multi-token standard.”

WanSwap was initiated by a small anonymous group of Wanchain core community members including experienced software developers, web developers, designers, marketers, and more. The team has come together to build WanSwap as a public utility for the Wanchain ecosystem and for the cryptocurrency community at large.




The collection principle is a major characteristic of NFT marketplaces. It may represent an infinite or limited variation of the subject, and be built around a very personal universe. Creating a collection allows an artist or a brand to attract attention to a global artistic or marketing project. The most successful or popular collections often gather around them an active community on social media and attract the attention of investors.

Create your very own personalized NFT Collection by choosing between a Single Token Collection (WRC-721) and a Multi Token Collection (WRC-1155). The option you select depends on whether you wish the collection to include collectibles which are unique or that are made of several copies.

You can personalize a collection to your liking by editing the name, image, description, etc… Creating a collection is a necessary step towards minting NFTs.


In Openzoo, you can navigate all existing user collections. Each collection card displays all input details by the creator, including the type of collection (WRC-721 or WRC-1155), the categories selected, the number of NFTs minted and the number of current owners.

NFT Minting

The NFT Creator function is essential to every participating artist on OpenZoo.

Boasting immense ease of use, it combines:

  • mandatory content - name, description, symbol, image and selection of a collection;

  • some optional extras - set Royalties or Unlockable Content.

Note that when creating with a multi tokens (WRC-1155) collection selected, users will have to also enter the desired supply of NFTs.

It is very important to make sure all these details are correct before the actual minting as the process can not be undone.

The “Delete” action can be used for emergencies but will simply unlist the NFT from OpenZoo.

Purchase NFT

Users are able to browse other user’s NFT Collections through a decentralized NFT Explorer and purchase their very own unique collectibles.

Buyers can acquire their selected NFT directly, or make offers to the seller. While the seller can easily accept the offer, the buyer can choose to withdraw it, all within the selected time limit. Alternatively, a bid can be submitted if the NFT chosen is available for auction. Once a bid is submitted, the seller has the choice to accept it as a final price or to let the auction end at the originally selected date/time.

Price history, previous listings and current offers are all available details displayed on the selected NFT page.

Sell NFT

Once your items are listed on OpenZoo, they can be instantly purchased and resold by any users of the platform. OpenZoo allows the sale of NFT creations in a secure user-friendly environment at practically no cost.

You can also set several options for your NFT such as price, availability for auction, reserve price, etc… Another option that can be activated when creating an NFT is “Royalties". Royalties are an automated merchant trade agreement which provides a way to recoup a percentage of resales for that specific NFT on secondary market sales.

Users can use $ZOO tokens to trade on OpenZoo.


The profile section offers various options to customize your OpenZoo experience.

On top of the basics like:

  • uploading a profile picture

  • adding a background image

  • editing your bio

  • checking your own NFTs

We provided some very practical information such as:

  • past and current offers

  • overall transaction history

  • favorite NFTs list

  • social media sharing option

  • report profile


Verification Process

Obtaining the official OpenZoo verification badge for one's collection is of prime importance to boost recognition and exposure amongst the community. As by default settings, only collections displaying the official OpenZoo verification badge will be showing in the Explore tab.

Prior to being granted the verification badge, creators must mint their NFT collections. These need to include creative content and the owner must have rights of publication and sale of the NFT.

Once done, contact OpenZoo team for examination via Telegram or Discord at the following:

Telegram verification link

Discord verification link


Because NFTs can’t be copied or altered, they are especially suited for tracking ownership of property that can’t be replicated. Please always report fraudulent artworks.

Press the “Report” button located on the NFT product pages, fill in the information as requested and the OpenZoo admin will be notified of the potential copyright abuse.

All collections, verified or not, are subject to ban from the platform if multiple legitimate reports are received from other users.

Contact Info

Official Website: Openzoo


Telegram: Fifou

Discord: @Open Fifou

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