Jack’s Pot

Jack’s Pot is the newly launched Wanchain based no-loss lottery DApp inspired the Ethereum based no-loss lottery DApp, Pool Together. The DApp is a collaboration between the Wanchain and FinNexus dev teams and will be operated by FinNexus. As in Pool Together, Jack’s Pot allows DApp users a chance to win a lottery prize by staking their cryptocurrency (in this case, WAN). The staked WAN is delegated to a Wanchain validator, generating rewards as a part of the consensus process. The rewards are then pooled together in a single pot and awarded to the lottery winners.

No-loss, risk free lottery

Unlike a typical lottery where you lose the funds spent on tickets, with Jack’s Pot, your initial funds are never at risk. By generating the prize pot through delegation rewards from Wanchain’s consensus mechanism, Jack’s Pot allows for a no-loss lottery. Similar to a prize-linked savings account, the DApp is a fun and risk free way to play a game of chance and save your WAN at the same time.

How to play

Ticket selection area

You can access Jack’s Pot either through the web interface or through the Wan Wallet DApp store. You can download the wallet from the Wanchain home page at https://www.wanchain.org/getstarted/, and you can find wallet guides at http://wanchain.guide/ and http://explorewanchain.org/.

The See this video guide for how to add a DApp in the Wan Wallet DApp store.

Unlike Pool Together, Jack’s Pot gives users the chance to choose their own lucky number. To get started playing, users buy tickets with four digit numbers of their choice, and all users who pick tickets with the correct four digit number will win a part of the prize pot.

Lottery number selection

You can also choose for your lottery ticket numbers to be randomly generated if you don’t want to choose your own number. Simply choose how many unique random number tickets you wish to generate:

Random number ticket generator

Each lottery round lasts a single week and winnings are distributed 23 hours after the end of the round. The lottery closes at 24:00 UTC Thursday, lottery results are settled at 23:00 UTC on Friday, and the lottery re-opens at 00:00 UTC on Saturday. If no player chooses a winning number during a round, the pooled WAN carries over the next round. If you wish to keep playing, simply leave your WAN staked in the game.

You may stop playing the game at any time by selecting the tickets you wish to withdraw and clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button:

The ‘Withdraw’ button

Jack’s Pot uses a liquidity pool which allows for instant withdrawal (ordinarily, unstaking WAN can take up to 3 days). Generally speaking, withdrawal will be instant, although in cases of large numbers of withdrawal at one time, there may be a delay up to 3 days.

We hope you enjoy the game, let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Telegram!

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